New Headway Elementary, Teacher’s Book, Liz Soars, John Soars, Amanda Maris, 2011

New Headway Elementary, Teacher’s Book, Liz Soars, John Soars, Amanda Maris, 2011.

   New Headway Elementary, Fourth edition is a course for students who already have some basic knowledge of the language. They may have recently completed a beginner course or they may be returning to language learning after a break and need to revise key language before being able to progress further.
New language is introduced systematically and at a steady pace, allowing students to increase their knowledge of the language and build their confidence. Listening material is provided across three class CDs. New vocabulary is introduced gradually and there are regular controlled practice activities, allowing students to activate the language in a supported way. There are also freer practice activities where students have the ability to start focusing on their fluency. In the Everyday English sections, useful chunks of language are presented, which students can use in several different social contexts.

New Headway Elementary, Teacher’s Book, Liz Soars, John Soars, Amanda Maris, 2011

This is the first piece of extensive skills work in New Headway Elementary. The aim of this section is to recycle key language and expose students to new language in a relatively natural context. The choice of text type - a blog - will be familiar to the majority of students and reflects communication in the real world. This section also provides a link to the Writing section on SB p104.

After a lead-in and vocabulary work, students read and listen to the blog at the same time. This might be considered an unnatural activity, but this technique is used only in the early stages of the book to help build confidence. Elementary learners typically find reading easier than listening, because they can recognize cognates without the interference of different pronunciation. However, if they read the blog silently at their own speed, they could become distracted by unknown and unimportant vocabulary. Reading and following the recording allows them to follow the material in a more fluent way.

UNIT l am/is/are • ту/уour/his/her • Verbs - have/go/live/like • Possessive’s • Word groups • Everyday conversations.
UNIT 2 Present Simple (1) - he/she/it • Questions and negatives • Jobs • What time is it?.
UNIT 3    Present Simple (2) - I/you/we/they • In my free time • Social expressions (1).
UNIT 4    There is/are • some/any/a lot of • this/that/these/those • Adjectives • Numbers and prices.
UNIT 5    can/cant • was/were/could • Words that go together • Polite requests.
UNIT 6    Past Simple (1) - regular and irregular • Describing feelings • What s the date?.
UNIT 7 Past Simple (2) • Questions and negatives • Time expressions • Adverbs • Special occasions.
UNIT 8 Count and uncount nouns • some/any • I like and I’d like • How much? or How many? • Food and drink • Shopping in the High Street.
UNIT 9 Comparative and superlative adjectives • have got • Town and country • Directions.
UNIT 10 Present Continuous • something/nothing... • Describing people • Social expressions (2).
UNIT 11 going to future • Infinitive of purpose • What’s the weather like? • Making suggestions.
UNIT 12 Present Perfect • ever, never, yet, and just • take and get • Transport and travel.
Photocopiable worksheets Units 1-12.

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