Самоучитель английского языка, Эккерсли К.Э., 2011

Самоучитель английского языка, Эккерсли К.Э., 2011.
   Now look at the picture on page 40. It is a picture of a farm. The farm is in the country; it is not in the town. It is a warm day; it is not a cold day. The sun is in the sky. There are some white clouds but they are small and the sky is very blue. There is a mountain on the right of the picture, and not far from the mountain there is a river. There arc a few boys in the picture. All the boys are in the river except one. He is on the green grass. There are one or two big trees and some small trees in the picture. The small trees are apple-trees. They are on the left of the picture. There are red apples on the apple-trees. These apple-trees are in the garden of the farm-house. There are a lot of apples on the trees. There are flowers round the door and windows of the farm-house.

Самоучитель английского языка, Эккерсли К.Э., 2011

Образуйте вопросительную форму:
1. I am a teacher.
2. You are in the classroom.
3. We are all students.
4. Some of the students are boys.
5. Two and two are four.
6. That answer is right.
7. They are here.
8. He is near the window.
9. There are only two books in the picture.
10. There are a great many people in London.
11. There is a book on the table.
12. There is a train in the station.

Измените форму ед. ч. на форму мн. ч.
1. The books are on the table. 2. The stars are in the sky. 3. Are the men in the classroom? 4. Are there trains in the station? 5. There are some books on the table. 6. Those are mountains. 7. Those are stars. 8. These are flowers. 9. These are queens. 10. They are kings.

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