Лингвистёнок, Задания по английскому языку, 2014-2016

Лингвистёнок, Задания по английскому языку, 2014-2016.

  Unhealthy Breakfast.
Jack is a bachelor. He works in downtown Chicago as a shoe salesman. Every morning on his way to work, Jack stops at a donut shop and buys a chocolate donut and a cup of coffee. Jack likes this morning routine because it ds quick and easy. He doesn’t have to cook breakfast or wash the dishes. Last time Jack went to the doctor for a check-up his doctor told him that he had high cholesterol. The doctor told Jack to stop eating foods that are high in fat. Donuts are fried in a lot of fat.

 Лингвистёнок, Задания по английскому языку, 2014-2016

How do British people address each other? What do they call each other?
Someone to a bank-clerk or librarian: Can you help me,...?
A) mister. Б)sir. B) no address. Г)dear. Д) mate.

A man to a policeman: Can I go,...?
A) mister. Б) sir. B) love. Г) my friend. Д) darling.

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