Открывая мир с английским языком, Современные темы для обсуждения, Юнёва С.А., 2012

Открывая мир с английским языком, Современные темы для обсуждения, Юнёва С.А., 2012.

Одно из основных преимуществ данного учебного пособия - актуальность размещённых в нём тем и новизна содержания. Оно включает в себя 30 разговорных тем. затрагивающих проблемы современного мира и человека. Пособие предназначено для учащихся старших классов и колледжей, студентов ВУЗов и преподавателей. Оно позволяет эффективно сочетать изучение английского языка и подготовку к ЕГЭ. Данное пособие поможет тщательно подготовиться к уроку, зачёту, экзамену или олимпиаде, ознакомиться с интересными фактами, повысить уровень знаний. Оно пригодится и тем, кто изучает английский язык самостоятельно.

Открывая мир с английским языком, Современные темы для обсуждения, Юнёва С.А., 2012

A Hobby Makes Your Life Much More Interesting.
Our life would be hard without rest and recreation. People have quite different ideas of how to spend their free time. For some of them the only way to relax is watching TV or drinking beer. But other people use their spare time getting maximum benefit from it. If you enjoy doing some activity in your free time, than you have a hobby. A person's hobbies arc not connected with his profession, but they are practiced for fun and enjoyment. A hobby gives one the opportunity of acquiring substantial skill, knowledge and experience A hobby is a kind of self-expression and the way to understand other people and the whole world. A person’s hobbies depend on his age. intelligence level, character and personal interests. What is interesting to one person can be trivial or boring to another. That's why some people prefer reading, cooking, knitting, collecting, playing a musical instrument, painting, photography. fishkeeping or playing computer games while others prefer dancing, travelling, camping or sports.

Collecting things is a very popular hobby and it may deal with almost any subject. Some people collect stamps, coins, badges, books, clocks or toys. Other people collect beer cans, key rings, stones, matchboxes, thimbles and all sorts of things. Once you've got a small collection you keep adding to it. Some people don’t even remember how their collection started but now their house is crammed full of different knick-knacks which they can’t use but keep for the sake of having them. But some people collect valuable and rare things as they consider it to be a good investment of their money.

A Hobby Makes Your Life Much More Interesting
Why Do We Dance?
Video and Computer Games
The Changing Face of Tourism: Ecotourism
The World’s Bizarre Festivals
The Mystery of Dreams
Artificial Intelligence
Mobile Phones: A Vital Part of Daily Life
What Do You Know about Names?
Stress and How to Cope Wrll With It
Stop It Before It Is Too Late
Generation Gap: Reality or a Psychological Prejudice
Price of Publicity
Friendship: A Single Soul Dwelling in Two Bodies
Love Is Life
Poverty and Richness Corrupt People's Souls
Ways of Being Successful
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Is It Worth Relying on Our Intuition?
What Are Americans Like?
Is It Worth Lying?
Nonverbal Communication
Multiculturalism in the Modem World
My Home Is My Castle
What Skills Do You Need to Get a Good Job?
Colours and their Associations
Beauty Through tain
Parenting: the Most Important Job on the Planet
Multiracial Families.

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