Консультации по английской грамматике, Куликовская Л.А., 2000

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Консультации по английской грамматике, Куликовская Л.А., 2000.

В книге предлагается материал по некоторым малоосвещенным разделам английской грамматики с соответствующей системой упражнений (снабженной ключами) для глубокого проникновения в суть описанных явлений и прочного их усвоения. Для учителей средней и высшей школы, а также для самостоятельной работы совершенствующихся в английском языке.

Консультации по английской грамматике, Куликовская Л.А., 2000

The idea of the book is to bring to the attention of EFL teachers those areas of English Grammar which lie fallow and yield very poor results, if any, because the teachers in their strivings to get more in a very short while lose hold of extremely important things. The teachers imply that the learners are supposedly aware of quite a lot of linguistic knowledge if they are adults or are at the age of, say, ten (and they really are if we think in terms of their native language); or, on the contrary, they are too young to be given information which the previous education and upbringing have not yet put at their disposal. So, we leave our students (who happened to be less educated in a foreign language or are privileged to be younger, than we are) unequipped with the foundations of the language learning.

Ask your students what grammar (the word is repeated by them quite often) is and they will be surprised to hear this kind of question from you and most unexpected answers will be given you. 1 mean to say the following: try to find some time to discuss basic frequently used notions so that their meanings will become wholly understandable to your students, and they will cease saying them in a parrot-like way. After deciphering them the students will get an additional background and impetus in their linguistic education. They will become proud of themselves for being more educated. Sometimes we underestimate our students' abilities: teenagers as well as adult learners have acquired a lot about the Russian language system.


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