Английский для специалистов-международников, Кубъяс Л.Н., Кудачкина И.В.

Английский для специалистов-международников, Кубъяс Л.Н., Кудачкина И.В.

  Anyone who dreams of a diplomatic career should he aware of the fact that before one is allowed to work in the Foreign Service one should pass an Entrance Test.
Try to do a sample entrance Foreign Service test to see how professional your present knowledge is.
Mark what you consider to be the right answer. Do not get baffled if you can’t answer all the questions. After all, you are only half way through with your course of studies.

Английский для специалистов-международников, Кубъяс Л.Н., Кудачкина И.В.

For centuries, maintaining relationships between nations through the exchange of representatives has been the task of diplomacy. Foreign Service work is on the front line of the process by which nations establish and maintain official contact with one another in pursuing their respective goals, objectives, interests and policies. It embraces the making, implementation, and support of foreign policy at all levels at home and abroad. It involves the functions of representation, administering our overseas establishments, caring for the interests of one’s country’s citizens abroad; and reporting, communicating, and negotiating on political, economic, consular and administrative affairs.

The growth in the number and importance of international organizations brings new demands for competence in multilateral diplomacy. Hand-in-hand with this development is the growing importance of a range of increasingly technical issues which are global rather than primarily bilateral in nature and which require new skills and better insights into the foreign policy implications of such areas as science and technology, narcotics and refugee affairs. And today a significant portion of a Foreign Service officer’s career will be served in the country’s capital, participating in the complex process by which national policy is made and supported.

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