Английский язык, Интенсивный курс, Поликарпова О.Д.

Английский язык, Интенсивный курс, Поликарпова О.Д.

  Judges are trained lawyers, nearly always ex-barristers, who sit in the Crown court (and appeal courts). The judge rules on points of law, and makes sure that the trial is conducted properly. He or she does not decide on the guilt or innocence of the accused - that is the jury’s job. However, if the jury find the accused guilty, then the judge will pass sentence.

Английский язык, Интенсивный курс, Поликарпова О.Д.

Westminster Abbey is the historic building to which every visitor goes sooner or later. It was founded in 1050 as a monastery. Later it was rebuilt by Henry III. In the 18th century the West Towers were added. The present building dates from about 1480.

As the scene coronation of English kings, Westminster Abbey continues a tradition established by William the Conqueror who was crowned on Christmas Day, 1066. When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1952, the ritual was essentially the same Although the architectural setting had changed. Westminster Abbey is in the center of London. Many great Englishmen are buried in the Abbey: Newton, Darwin, Watt and others. Here we can see a lot of monuments to and tombs of great men. There is a corner usually called “Poets’ Corner", where the famous British poets lie.

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