Английский без проблем для продвинутых, Корнильева Л.Н., 2013

Английский без проблем для продвинутых, Корнильева Л.Н., 2013.

  The British Isles are a group of islands of the northwest coast of continental Europe. The total area of this archipelago is 315,134 km2. Two largest islands of the British Isles — Great Britain and Ireland — constitute 95,6% of this area. The remaining islands, including the Hebrides, the Orkneys, the Shetlands, the Anglesey, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, etc. occupy only 4,4% or 13,950 km2 of the overall territory of this archipelago. All in all the British Isles include over 1,000 islands, where only 51 have an area larger than 20 km2. Smaller islands that are also parts of England, Scotland and Wales are collectively known as Britain’s islands or the British islands (not isles).

Английский без проблем для продвинутых, Корнильева Л.Н., 2013

Eternal London.
London is the biggest city in Britain and in Europe, the capital city of England and of the UK, and a wonderful place to visit. It lies astride the River Thames in the southeast of England, and occupies the territory of over 620 square miles. London has the highest population density in Britain with more than 7 million people living there.

London began as a Roman settlement in AD 43. Ancient Londinium, as the Romans called it, was originally set up as a market town. Over the centuries London experienced decline and upheaval, gradually transforming into a huge metropolis and the city of many faces.

The City of London is the oldest part of the capital, its business and financial center. The other name of this financial hub is a Square Mile, because the territory of the City is 2,59 sq km/1 sq mi.

The West End is a very prestigious residential, entertainment and shopping district of London to the west of the City. The area is made up by a few square miles between Park Lane and Charing Cross, Oxford Street and the Mall. Its five highly individual neighbourhoods include Mayfair, Soho, Westminster, Covent Garden, and Piccadilly.

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