Пиши правильно по-английски

Пиши правильно по-английски.

   Answer the following questions:
1 Is a person of high rank a nob or a knob?
2. Which of these is a short sleep: nap or knap?
3. Is part of a rope a not or a knot?
4. Which of these is a title: night or knight?
5. Do you knit or nit stockings out of wool?

Пиши правильно по-английски

Which of the underlined parts of these sentences is right?
1. I stood outside the door and polished the nob/knob.
2. I hastily put away the raspberry jam/jamb.
3. A new/knew broom sweeps clean.
4. Turning away he began rapidly to clime/climb up the cliff again.
5. “For God’s sake, shut that damned/dammed window”, he moaned to me.
6. I was not/knot in the least afraid.
7. The engine of the car is nocking/knocking badly.
8. You should seek a milder clime/climb.

Answer these questions:
1. Which of these is the same of a herb: time or thyme? 2. Which is another word for hoar-frost: rhyme or rime? 3. What is left after separation of curds: way or whey? 4. Which of these is a unit of electrical power: what or watt? 5. Which is another word for false hair: whig or wig? 6. Do people weep or whip over their misfortunes? 7. Are your shoes showing signs of wear or where? 8. Who uses magic: a which or a witch?

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