Английский язык, 5-6 класс, Рассказы для детей, Верхогляд В.А., 1991

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Английский язык, 5-6 класс, Рассказы для детей, Верхогляд В.А., 1991.

  В книге собраны веселые и занимательные рассказы английских и американских авторов о детях и взрослых, о животных и птицах и о многом другом. В конце книги помещены вопросы и задания к каждому рассказу. Книга снабжена постраничными комментариями, англо-русским словарем и иллюстрациями. Она предназначается учащимся V—VI кл. школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, может быть также использована в 8 классе средней общеобразовательной школы.

Английский язык, 5-6 класс, Рассказы для детей, Верхогляд В.А., 1991

A SPRING STORY (After Vera Colwell).
THERE were once two little birds, called Bluetits. Their breasts were bright yellow and their heads blue and white, so it looked as if they were wearing blue caps.
Mr and Mrs Bluetit lived in a big garden. There were a lot of insects there. “This garden is a fine place to live,” they said, “there is so much to eat.”

Then one day spring came. Blue and white and yellow flowers came out in the garden, and the sun shone more warmly every day. “It is quite time we built our nest,” said Mrs Bluetit.
“Let’s fly to the wood first,” said Mr Bluetit. The two birds flew busily amongst the trees and looked into hollows in the trees. But all the holes were too small or too large.

At last they found just the right place, a bird's nesting box in the garden. It had a little round hole for a front door and it was warm and dry inside. Mrs Bluetit was very pleased. “Now we can begin,” she said.
“You find some moss in the wood,” she said to her husband, “and I’ll look near the house. Perhaps there will be something useful there.”

And so there was — she found some soft wool and some little feathers, just the thing for a nest.
At last the nest was finished. “How soft and warm this will be for my babies,” thought little Mrs Bluetit.

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