Пиши правильно по-английски, Куценко А.В.

Пиши правильно по-английски, Куценко А.В.

   Look up the meaning of each of the words above. Pronounce them aloud. (Check yourself using the dictionary.) Find rhymed words among those ending in
(a) -bt and -mb;
(b) in -mn. Arrange them in columns and learn by heart.

Пиши правильно по-английски, Куценко А.В.

To answer the questions below arrange the bracketed letters properly.
1. What do women wear at the back of the head? (ginchon)
2. What is flour made of? (theaw)
3. Every car has it. What is it? (heewl)
4. What does the dog do with a bone? (wang)
5. What river does London stand on? (hesmta)
6. What is another name for French brandy? (gaccon)
7. What does every cat have near its mouth? (skerwhis)
8. What animal has a horn on the snout? (cerosrhino)
9. What often stings you on hot summer nights? (tang)
10. Where can you see industrial goods for advertisement? (itebxhinoi)
11. What do they call an art of judging character from the features of the face? (ngihpysomoy)
12. What's the name of this man? (mhasot)
13. What dish do Italians like best? (ghaspetti)
14. What do you feel after climbing a high mountain? (hau-sextion)
15. What is the name of an evergreen shrub with large flowers? (dendohodronr)

Use rhymed words to complete these sentences. The first letter of the word is given each time.
1. He bought a handy little y... .
2. He nothing common did or mean Upon the memorable s... .
3. An old couple living in G...
Had a beautiful girl, but they lost her.
She fell from a y... ,
And never the spot
Could be found where the cold waves had tossed.

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