Будем читать и говорить по-английски, Памухииа Л.Г., Жолтая Л.Р., 1983

Будем читать и говорить по-английски, Памухииа Л.Г., Жолтая Л.Р., 1983.

   Пособие, составленное на материале рассказов английских и американских писателей XX века, ставит своей целью развитие навыков чтения и устной речи.
Для слушателей курсов иностранных языков, студентов неязыковых вузов и лиц, самостоятельно изучающих английский язык.

Будем читать и говорить по-английски, Памухииа Л.Г., Жолтая Л.Р., 1983

(1) That winter was a long time going. A freezing wind blew through the streets of the city, and overhead the snow clouds moved across the sky.

The old man who was called Drioli shuffled painfully along the sidewalk of the rue de Rivoli. He was cold and miserable. He moved glancing without any interest at the things in the shop windows — perfume, silk ties and shirts, diamonds, furniture, books. Then a picture gallery. He had always liked picture galleries. This one had a single canvas on display in the window. He stopped to look at it. Suddenly, there came to him a slight movement of the memory, a distant recollection of something, somewhere, he had seen before. He looked again. It was a landscape, a group of trees leaning over to one side as if blown by wind. Attached to the frame there was a little plaque, and on this it said: CHAIM SOUTINE (1894—1943).

(2) Drioli stared at the picture, wondering vaguely what there was about it that seemed familiar. Crazy painting, he thought. Very strange and crazy — but I like it... Chaim Soutine... Soutine... “By God!” he cried suddenly. “My little friend, with a picture in the finest shop in Paris! Just imagine that!”

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