World Pass Advanced - Workbook - Susan Stempleski

Название: World Pass Advanced - Workbook.

Автор: Susan Stempleski.


   To help students expand their fluency, World Pass focuses on dynamic vocabulary building, essential grammar, and stimulating listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities that emphasize the language they need for real world communication.
- World Pass Book:
A "Vocabulary Builder" activity helps learners expand vocabulary through the use of particular vocabulary-building tools, such as learning to use word families, root words, or compound nouns.
"Language Focus" sections highlight essential grammar points and provide opportunities for fluency practice through a wide variety of communicative activities.

World Pass Advanced - Workbook - Susan Stempleski

For added conversation fluency practice, each "Listening" section ends with an "Ask & Answer" discussion task.
Each "Speaking" section presents a specific speaking skill or strategy and an open-ended communicative task to help expand fluency.
The "Reading" and "Writing" sections provide instruction and practice with the types of tasks and skills that upper-level students need.
"Expansion Pages" are designed as an optional self-study section, offering students an opportunity to go beyond what is presented in the unit and allowing teachers greater flexibility.
Each unit ends with a consolidating "Communication" section that practices the language covered in the unit. Frequent Review Units also help learners solidify the language they have learned.
- Workbook: reinforces and expands concepts and lessons taught in the student book.
- Teacher's edition: includes answer key for Workbook activities, tapescripts, video worksheet, video scripts.
- CD: includes 12 units.
The CNN video news clip activities at the back of the student text are thematically related to each chapter. Activities are designed to recycle themes and vocabulary from each chapter, and to encourage further class discussion and written responses to these real life news iterms.
This video includes 12 chapters accompanied with student book. Video scripts are in the Teacher's edition. Total running time 34 minutes.

Essays: The thesis statement
Every good essay contains a thesis statement, usually in the first paragraph (introduction). The thesis statement is a sentence that expresses the main idea of your essay. It includes the topic as well as your opinion or attitude about the topic. Because it contains an opinion, readers could disagree with it. The essay tells readers why they should agree with this opinion.

Contents(Student Book)

Unit 1 Big Screen, Small Screen
Unit 2 The World Awaits You
Unit 3 School and Beyond
Review: Units 1-3 38
Unit 4 Contemporary Issues
Unit 5 In Other Words
Unit 6 Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives
Review: Units 4-6 76
Unit 7 Who Are You?
Unit 8 Happy Days
Unit 9 Looking Good!
Review: Units 7-9 114
Unit 10 To Buy or Not to Buy ...
Unit 11 The Impact of Art
Unit 12 Our Changing World
Review: Units 10-12 152
Language Summaries 154
Grammar Summaries 160
Skills Index
Student Book Answer Key
Expansion Pages Answer Key 168

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