New Millennium English 10, Teachers Books

New Millennium English 10, Teachers Books.

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Discourse analysis Linguistics the study of continuous stretches of language, both in speech and writing, to discover their structure, and the features, which bind sentences in a sequence. For example, cohesion is created by the use of the pronouns she and him in the sequence Anne met Peter yesterday. She was surprised to see him. (Chambers Encyclopedic English Dictionary).

New Millennium English 10, Teachers Books

They travel the world.
Well, I am in charge of exchange programs in this part of Russia. Our programs have very distinctive goals. The first very important goal is for Russians to learn the truth about America, what America is beyond what they see on the television and in the films. The second even more important goal is for Americans to learn about Russians, to learn what real Russians are beyond the stereotypes. So the programs are mostly about breaking the stereotypes and preparing new generations of young Russians and Americans to live in the future world. I see it as a way of building a new bridge between the two countries.

We have a great many applicants for each vacancy. Of course, in order to study in the United States some knowledge of English is required, so we are looking for good students of English. But that is not the only criterion. There are several important criteria: ability to speak English, ability to adapt to a very different way of life and ability to make friends easily and to represent your country.

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