Collins dictionary of the english language, Hanks P., 1979

Collins dictionary of the english language, Hanks P., 1979.

  This completely new and original English dictionary is one of the most important books ever published by Collins. It contains some 3 000 000 words and 162 000 references—more than any other single volume dictionary of British English in general use. Collins English Dictionary is, in fact, the first major English-language dictionary on a scale substantially greater than any dictionary in the “concise” category to be originated in Britain since the publication of the Shorter Oxford Dictionary in 1933.

Collins dictionary of the english language, Hanks P., 1979

The Pronunciation of British English.
enturies. During this time, it has undergone such fundamental changes (affecting grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation) that the speech of an inhabitant of the London region of the 7th century would be totally unintelligible to the modern Londoner. The earliest form of English, brought by Germanic invaders from the 5th century onwards, is known as Old English and extends up to about the 11th century. This general term itself embraces a number of separate dialects deriving from the different geographical origins of the invaders. It was the West-Saxon form of the South and the Southwest of the country that ultimately became regarded as a standard language, and it is in this form that most of the extant texts are written. From about the 7th century.

Old English began to be written with the Latin alphabet, probably introduced into England by Irish missionaries. The Latin alphabet was, however, inadequate to express the more complex phonological system of the dialects of Old English. New letters, such as “ae,” were added to indicate a value between that of Italian e and a; digraphs, such as ‘th,’ had to be used for consonant sounds that were unknown in Italian. Although there was a good deal of agreement about the orthography to be applied to the Old English sound system, there are in the texts of the period considerable variations in spelling forms as between one dialect and another and also between scribes. In fact, English has had a standardized form of spelling for not much more than two hundred years, the present apparent inconsistencies in our orthography reflecting the historical development of the language.

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Pronunciation Key.
The Pronunciation of British English by A. C. Gimson.
The Development of English as a World Language.
Meaning and Grammar by Patrick Hanks.
A Dictionary of the English Language.

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