Tuscarora-English, English-Tuscarora dictionary, Rudes B.A.

Tuscarora-English, English-Tuscarora dictionary, Rudes B.A.

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Over one hundred years ago, Erminnie A. Smith began work on a Tuscarora-English dictionary. In the late 1870s Smith was engaged by the U.S. Bureau of Ethnology (later renamed the Bureau of American Ethnology [BAE]) to carry out research on the cultures, languages, and native literatures of the Six Nations of the Iroquois, one product of which was a Tuscarora version of the Indian Language Schedule developed by the BAE's director, Major Powell (BAE ms. 375). She was aided in her work to complete the schedule by a young Tuscarora man named John Napoleon Brinton (J. N. B.) blcwitt. The material obtained to complete the schedule was organized into file slips as a prelude to a dictionary of the language. Upon the death of Smith in 1883 Hewitt was hired to complete the dictionary.

Tuscarora-English, English-Tuscarora dictionary, Rudes B.A.

Language History.
A great deal of information about the Tuscarora language has been recorded. Beginning with Lawson’s late seventeenth century vocabulary, more than sixteen investigators have worked with more than twenty-seven speakers to record and preserve the language. This work has resulted in hundreds of pages of texts, vocabularies, grammatical notes, and even a manuscript dictionary. A chronological summary of this work is provided on the next page.

The vocabularies recorded in the early nineteenth century, when compared with vocabularies from other languages of North America, early made researchers realize that the Tuscarora language was most similar to the languages spoken by the Five Nations Iroquois (the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, and Seneca) and the Huron. Subsequent research, most notably by the Tuscarora scholar J.N.B. Hewitt, revealed that these languages share striking similarities with the language spoken by the Cherokee.

Guide to Using the Dictionary.
Sources of Tuscarora Words.
Index of Proper Names.
Index of Interjections and Expressive Vocabulary.
Index to Grammatical Morphemes.

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