IELTS Speaking and Actual Tests, Suggested Answers, September-December, 2018

IELTS Speaking and Actual Tests, Suggested Answers, September-December, 2018.

   Most candidates like to read model answers as a very powerful way to get the best possible Band score when they are preparing for the IELTS speaking module. This ebook provides model answers for IELTS Speaking Actual Tests that appears in the IELTS speaking module. Even if your English is not perfect, you can transform your IELTS Band score by using this book.
The model answers are intended as a guide and candidates should modify the answers to suit their own circumstances and add to them wherever appropriate. In other words, candidates should consider using the vocabulary and grammatical structures in this book to help them to create their own answers.

IELTS Speaking and Actual Tests, Suggested Answers, September-December, 2018

Describe a mathematical skill that you learnt in primary school.
You should say:
- What the skill was
- How you learned it
- Who taught you
- Why it was useful to you.

I’m going to tell you about when I learned multiplication in second grade, when I was 7 years old. At first it was a big challenge and a hard concept to swallow (meaning to deeply comprehend), but I got the hang of it fairly quickly. The first few days I remember this was a stressful time in my household, as I always had to turn to my parents and sister to help. Since I got the hang of it, I aced (got a perfect mark on) almost every exam!

I started learning this skill from Ms. Puleo. The first few days she used images for us to learn the concept of multiplication, as we had already mastered addition and subtraction. We could then visualize 3 times (x) 3 by drawing a picture of 3 groups of 3 tigers for example. She had a clever way of teaching us
this by creating tables for us to get ample practice. After completing these, I was able to memorize several simple multiplication problems, like 3 times 6, 7 times 7, 8 times 8, etc. Moreover, she taught us the helpful trick that all multiplicands of 9 add to nine. With her patience and way of making us visualize and memorize, multiplication has always stuck with me.

1. Morning.
2. Study time.
3. Plants.
4. Transportation.
5. Films.
6. Spare time/Hobbies.
7. Saving Money.
8. Sports/Physical Exercises.
9. Ideal Job.
10. Flats/Houses/Accommodation.
11. Foreign food.
12. Boredom.
13. Maps/ Navigation.
14. Teachers.
15. Punctuality/Time Management.
16. Watches.
17. Parks/ Public Gardens.
18. School.
19. Work/Study.
20. Travel.
21. Shoes.
22. Rain.
23. Letters / Handwriting.
24. Daily Routine.
25. Friends.
26. Weather.
27. Music.
28. Gifts.
29. Family Activities.
30. Politeness.
31. Neighbors.
1/ Describe a good law in your country.
2/ Describe a mathematical skill that you learnt in primary school.
3/ Describe a time that you were shopping in a street market.
4/ Describe an occasion that you wore formal clothes.
5/ Describe a time when you received money as a gift.
6/ Describe a time you spend with your friend in your childhood / Describe a childhood friend of yours.
7/ Describe a time you borrowed something from your family or friend.
8/ Describe a skill you need long time to learn.
9/ Describe a film or TV show that made you laugh a lot.
10/ Describe an activity you would do when you arc alone in your free time.
11/ Describe someone who is talkative.
12/ Describe a family business you know.
13/ Describe something important that you lost.
14/ Describe a party that you joined.
151 Describe an interesting job that you want to have in the future.
16/ Describe a building you like.
17/ Describe a recent happy event/ Describe something have happened recently make you happy.
18/ Describe an interesting song you like.
19/ Describe a time that you had to change your plan/ you changed your mind.
20/ Describe a perfect holiday/vacation from home you want to go on in the future.
21/ Describe a trip that you went on by public transportation.
22/ Describe a useful website that you often visit.
23/ Describe a famous athlete you know /famous sports star / Describe a famous person.
24/ Describe a popular comic actor /actress you know.
25/ Describe an interesting animal.
26/ Describe a situation or a time when you helped someone.
27/ Describe a quiet place you visited.
28/ Describe a subject that you like most.
29/ Describe a time you looked for information from the internet.
30/ Describe a time you were seared/ Describe a frightening experience you had.
31/ Describe a time that you took medicine.
32/ Describe an occasion when someone took a good photo of you.
34/ Describe a time when you received your first cellphone.
35/ Describe an unusual/ an unforgettable meal.
36/ Describe a kind of weather that you like.
37/ Describe a special period of time in history in your country.
38/ Describe a piece of technology you like using not computer.
39/ Describe an important river/lake in your country.
40/ Describe a photo of yourself that was taken by others.
41/ Describe an occasion when you must be polite.
42/ Describe something you learned in a place or from someone.
43/ Describe a place in your city that you would like to visit.
44/ Describe a recent development in your city.
45/ Describe a public facility that you think need improvements.
46/ Describe a magazine you enjoy watching.
47/ Describe something interesting that your friend has done but you haven’t done.
48/ Describe something you own that you want to replace.
49/ Describe a time that you wore a type of clothes for a special occasion.
50/ Describe a competition you want to take part in.

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