Oxford Heroes 2, Tests book and answers

Oxford Heroes 2, Tests book and answers.

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In February 2005, Ellen MacArthur made history when she arrived back in Britain after sailing round the world. She completed her journey of nearly 40,000 kilometres in 71 days 14 hours 18 minutes and 33 seconds. When she returned to Britain, Helen was a hero! She was exhausted, but very happy.
Ellen didn’t grow up near the sea. She was born in a town in central England in 1977. When she was eight years old, her aunt took her sailing at the seaside. She has been in love with boats since then. Ellen wasn’t from a rich family, so she saved up her school dinner money for three years and in 1990 she bought her first boat.

Oxford Heroes 2, Tests book and answers

Flying for Southern Air.
Craig Brown is one of Britain's busiest helicopter pilots. Five years ago, Craig started working for Southern Air Southern Air hires out helicopters, gives flying lessons and runs and helicopter taxi service.

Craig started in the company office. Then he took flying lessons. After three years, he got his instructor's licence. Craig loves training people to fly helicopters. 'When someone flies solo for the first time, it's fantastic,' he says. 'Some people are nervous about helicopters, but cars are much more dangerous. More people die in their cars than in helicopters. And if your engine fails, you can land anywhere you want.'

Helicopter taxis transport famous people when they don't want to travel by car. They're also very useful to the police. They can send pictures of busy roads to the police and help radio stations to improve their traffic reports. When cars crash, they can fly to the accident. They can also help when the police are chasing criminals. Helicopters can follow fast cars when they are speeding down motorways and send information to the police.

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