IELTS Speaking and Actual Tests, Suggested Answers With Audio, Jan-May, 2020

IELTS Speaking and Actual Tests, Suggested Answers With Audio, Jan-May, 2020.

   Most candidates like to read model answers as a very powerful way to get the best possible Band score when they are preparing for the IELTS speaking module. This ebook provides model answers for IELTS Speaking Actual Tests that appears in the IELTS speaking module. Even if your English is not perfect, you can transform your IELTS Band score by using this book.
The model answers are intended as a guide and candidates should modify the answers to suit their own circumstances and add to them wherever appropriate. In other words, candidates should consider using the vocabulary and grammatical structures in this book to help them to create their own answers.

IELTS Speaking and Actual Tests, Suggested Answers With Audio, Jan-May, 2020

Describe a person you know who speaks a foreign language well.
You should say:
who this person is
what language(s) they know
what he/she uses this language (or, these languages) for and explain why you think they (he/she) learned it well.

In this case, I would like to talk about myself. I consider myself a forever language learner. It all started when I first began taking Spanish classes when I was 19 years old. Actually, I had always thought of languages as a foreign language code that I would never be able to master. However, I proved myself wrong, now seeing that I have a knack for (have a special talent for) languages. I'm now proficient in Vietnamese, Mandarin, English, and Portuguese!

First and foremost, I decided to learn these languages out of interest. Second of all, they benefit my future, creating a window of opportunity (more opportunities). Speaking of Spanish in particular, I chose to pursue it because there is a large Latin American community in my city. Since I work in Marketing, it is extremely valuable to be able to reach a wider scope (range) of people. Other than just to boost my career, I simply enjoy the sound of the language! Lastly, I've always been attracted to Latino men so I wanted to able to communicate with them!

1. Islands.
2. Makeup.
3. Perfume.
4. Transportation.
5. Trust.
6. Borrowing & Lending.
7. Mathematics.
8. Smiling.
9. Tune management.
10. Flats/Houses/Accommodation.
11. Reading.
12. Rubbish Garbage.
13. Tea or coffee.
14. Forest.
15. Social Network.
16. Visiting Relatives.
17. Amusement Park.
18. Tiredness.
19. Work Study.
20. Travel & Festival.
21. Street Markets.
22. Playing.
23. Sports Physical Exercises.
24. Hometown.
25. Walking.
26. Weather.
27. City/ Countryside.
28. Patience.
29. Pets/ Wild Animals.
30. Dance.
31. Haircut.
32. Voice.
33. Jeans.
34. Concentration.
1/ Describe a person you know who speaks a foreign language well.
2/ Describe an activity you do to stay healthy.
3/ Describe an impressive advertisement you remember well.
4/ Describe a water sport you would like to try m the future.
5/ Describe a person who has interesting ideas or opinions.
6/ Describe a good experience of online shopping.
7/ Describe a singer that you like.
8/ Describe a time that you invited family or friends to have dinner at home or in a restaurant.
9/ Describe an occasion you got up early in the morning.
10/ Describe a practical skill you learnt.
11/ Describe a time you visited a place with friends.
12/ Describe the information that was incorrect that you got.
13/ Describe a time when someone didn't tell you the whole truth about something.
14/ Describe a person who helps others in his spare time.
15/ Describe a park or garden you visited and liked.
16/ Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person.
17/ Describe a time you heard someone you didn't know talking on the phone in a public place.
18/ Describe a friend or a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal.
19/ Describe a historical building you have visited.
20/ Describe something a child did that made you laugh.
21/ Describe a time you enjoyed your free time.
22/ Describe a person you wanted to be similar to when you were growing up.
23/ Describe a quiz program or game show on TV.
24/ Describe a regular thing you do every day.
25/ Describe a product or application which is based on artificial intelligence.
26/ Describe a prize you want to get.
27/ Describe an important technological product you bought.
28/ Describe something that you brought home from a tourist attraction.
29/ Describe a time you looked for information from the internet.
30/ Describe a time you taught an older person something new.
31/ Describe an unusual experience of traveling/ Describe a place you visited with your friends and you had a good time.
32/ Describe a female leader you would like to meet.
33/ Describe a journey that you went on by car.
34/ Describe a city you went to with your family.
35/ Describe a toy you got in your childhood.
36/ Describe a place you remember well that is full of colors.
37/ Describe a time you spent a lot of money on something.
38/ Describe a teenager you know.
39/ Describe a time the vehicle you were travelling in broke down.
40/ Describe a period of time in the history of your country that you want to know more about.
41/ Describe a time you gave advice to others.
42/ Describe a piece of advice you received on your subjects or work.
43/ Describe a time when you used the internet to solve a problem.
44/ Describe a situation when you didn't have enough time.
45/ Describe a time that you visited a friend.
46/ Describe a historical period you are interested in.
47/ Describe someone you would like to study or work with.
48/ Describe a place where you read and write (not your home).
49/ Describe a film you would like to share with your friend.
50/ Describe a situation when you celebrated your achievement.

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