Oxford Heroes 1, Test book and answer

Oxford Heroes 1, Test book and answer.

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I'm Caroline and I'm ten years old. I live with my mum and brother in Oxford. My brother's name is Andrew and he's eight years old. We go to the same school. I've got a bike, but Mum drives us to school every morning.
My mum is a music teacher. She's a very good musician. She plays the piano and the guitar. She sometimes gives me guitar lessons, but I'm not very good. I like music and I listen to the radio a lot.
My best friend is Joanna. Joanna's in my class and she's my neighbour, too. We love gymnastics and we're in the gymnastics club together. We also play for the school basketball team. It's great fun, but it's hard work.

Oxford Heroes 1, Test, Book and answer

Helen wants to…
a be a teacher.
b learn the piano.
c be in a rock band.

Helen can play…
a one instrument.
b two instruments.
c three instruments.

Last year Helen…
a passed a piano exam.
b started piano lessons.
c was in a music contest.

She got her harmonica…
a from her aunt.
b when she was six.
c for her birthday.

On Saturday Jessica’s group…
a was in a competition.
b sang at school.
c watched a music contest.

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