ОГЭ, английский язык, говорение, Teacher’s Notes, 2015

ОГЭ, Английский язык, Говорение, Teacher's Notes, 2015.

  The objective of the course is to improve your students’ oral communication. Each unit begins with the vocabulary students will need in succeeding pages. It goes on to offer speaking activities, listening practice and training in the use of functional language. A final task obliges students to productively use what they have learnt in preceding lessons. The last page of each unit is a review lesson to test students’ acquisition of unit concepts.

ОГЭ, Английский язык, Говорение, Teacher's Notes, 2015

Meeting up.
To focus the students and lead into the theme, you could create and project a montage of different social groups (copy and paste onto PowerPoint presentation from an image bank). Ask students to identify the social groups and say which groups are common in their town / country.

1. Pairwork. You could ask students to cover the words in the Phrase bank before discussing the labels. Then check to see if the names concur with the options given.

2. Students listen and complete the extracts. Highlight the construction ‘be (quite / really / not really) + into’. Ask students to write a sentence to talk about their own interests using this construction. Have students read the sentences to the class. Alternative: students write their sentences on strips of paper. Working in groups, shuffle sentences.
In turn students pick a sentence and read it to the group, who have to identify the writer.

3. Ask students to find antonyms. Drill pronunciation of the adjectives. As a followup, ask students to choose one adjective to describe themselves and explain why.

4. Ask students to read the whole extract before completing the text. Note: any of the eight adjectives in 3 can be used. Listen to check.

Functional language.
Final task.
The Prepare to … units.
Using the Speak your mind! DVD.
The unit and end-of-term tests.
Marking the tests.

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