ОГЭ, английский язык, говорение, Пикеринг К., 2015

ОГЭ, Английский язык, Говорение, Пикеринг К., 2015.

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Good morning, and welcome. I’m Alice Howe, your head teacher, and I’m here today to give you some advice about study skills as you start in the sixth form.
One of the main differences is that in the sixth form you have fewer subjects, but hopefully these are things that you personally are more interested in and have chosen to study. You’ll have more time to spend on each of them, but you’ll also have to work more independently.

ОГЭ, Английский язык, Говорение, Пикеринг К., 2015

Prepare to... talk about a proposal.
Read the words for describing fame and success. Write them under the appropriate headings.
bestseller blockbuster celebrity fan gold medallist star hit series one-hit wonder platinum album gossip column paparazzi autograph hunter notorious famous award-winning.

Answer the questions about the words in 1.
1 Which word means ‘famous person’?
2 Which word means ‘admirer of famous person’?
3 Which word means ‘popular book’?
4 Which of the music expressions describes a band with limited success?
5 Which expression could you use to describe Lost or CSI?

Write an example from your country for each of the following.
1 a hit series
2 a bestseller
3 a platinum album
4 a gold medallist
5 a celebrity.

Read points 1-6 below then listen to the speaker in 4 again. Number the points in the order in which she mentions them.
1 a good example to the young
2 fame without effort
3 a source of pleasure
4 an unrealistic goal
5 a decline in quality of TV and magazines
6 using your fame to help other people.

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