ЦТ 2022, английский язык, Сборник тестов

ЦТ 2022, Английский язык, Сборник тестов.

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In 2004, Pen Hadow became the first person to trek to the North Pole alone. That meant swimming through unimaginably cold waters, fighting frostbite and risking encounters with polar bears. ]ust eight months later, he made a similar trip to the South Pole. Now he is back in the Arctic again, preparing for an expedition he says is somewhat of a different kind. This time there is far more at stake. Pen and two colleagues will set out on a three-month, 1,000-kilometre trek to the North Pole, taking detailed measurements of the thickness and density of the ice. Nobody has ever done this before, and he knows the results will be of vital importance to the scientific community. This will be the truest picture yet of what global warming is doing to the ice that covers the polar region.

ЦТ 2022, Английский язык, Сборник тестов

In paragraph 1, what do we learn about Pen Hadow's opinion of the new expedition?
1) He thinks it may be harder than his previous journeys.
2) He is aware of the huge significance of its aims.
3) He is looking forward to the scientific work it will involve.

When talking about leaving his children for long periods, Pen mentions feeling
1) guilty that he once added to the pressure caused by his absence.
2) sad that he is missing so much of their growing up.
3) sorry that he can’t telephone more often.

What is worrying Pen about the new expedition?
1) whether the equipment will work properly in icy conditions
2) whether he will be mentally prepared
3) whether he will still be fit enough to take part.

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