Английский язык, 10 класс, рабочая тетрадь, Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В., Петрова Н.Ю., Мичугина С.В., 2007

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Английский язык, 10 класс, Рабочая тетрадь, Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В., Петрова Н.Ю., Мичугина С.В., 2007.

Фрагмент из книги:
Rewrite the sentences using the verb to carry.
1. Too much paperwork is preventing police officers from doing their duties. 2. He moved to London to continue his work. 3. In the end, her passionate belief in justice helped her to overcome all the difficulties. 4. The young scientist continued his father’s research and completed it. 5. Walk as far as the bank, turn left and go straight on till you see a big store on your right. 6. Mike was the only person in the office who could cope with filling in numerous forms. 7. The investigation was conducted within the shortest possible time. 8. It was my friends’ support that helped me to cope with my problems. 9. The building work was done by a new developer.

Английский язык, 10 класс, Рабочая тетрадь, Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В., Петрова Н.Ю., Мичугина С.В., 2007

What Makes People Happy.
So, what have scientists learned about what makes the human heart sing?
Take wealth, for instance, and all the delightful things that money can buy. Research by American psychologists has shown that once your basic needs are met, additional income does little to raise your sense of satisfaction with life.

A good education? Sorry, Mom and Dad, neither education nor a high IQ opens the road to happiness.
Youth? No, again. In fact, older people are more satisfied with their lives than the young. And they’re less prone to dark moods. A recent survey found that people aged 20 to 24 are sad for an average of 3.4 days a month and people aged 65 to 74 are sad just 2.3 days a month.

Marriage? A complicated picture. Married people are generally happier than singles, but that may be because they were happier to begin with.

Sunny days? Nope, although a 1998 study showed that Midwesterners think folks living in sunny California are happier and that Californians incorrectly believe this about themselves too.

On the positive side, religious faith seems to genuinely lift the spirit, though it’s tough to tell whether it’s the God part or the community aspect that does the heavy lifting.

Friends? A giant yes. A 2002 study conducted at the University of Illinois found that the most salient characteristics shared by the 10% of students with the highest levels of happiness and the fewest signs of depression were their strong ties to friends and family and commitment to spending time with them.

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