Cambridge English, Advanced 3, 2018

Cambridge English, Advanced 3, 2018.

   This collection of four complete practice tests comprises papers from the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination; students can practise these tests on their own or with the help of a teacher.
The Cambridge English: Advanced examination is part of a suite of general English examinations produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment. This suite consists of five examinations that have similar characteristics but are designed for different levels of English language ability. Within the five levels, Cambridge English: Advanced is at Level Cl in the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment.
It has been accredited by Ofqual, the statutory regulatory authority in England, at Level 2 in the National Qualifications Framework. The Cambridge English. Advanced examination is recognised by educational institutions, governmental departments and employers around the world as proof of the ability to follow an academic course of study in English at university level and communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level.

Cambridge English, Advanced 3, 2018

In the first paragraph, the writer expresses doubt regarding the part that peer review plays in
A provoking changes in the process of scientific publishing.
В affecting deadlines for publishing scientific papers.
C ensuring the quality of scientific research.
D reassuring the public about new research

What does the writer feel that many scientists need to be reminded of?
A the absence of peer reviewing with preprints
В the original aim of publishing scientific findings
C the ulterior motives which lie behind reviewers’ comments
D the prestige which can be gained by being published in a journal

What does the writer accuse scientific journals of doing?
A encouraging scientists to compete against each other
В trying to reduce costs in order to maintain their position in the market
C relying too heavily on reviewers to decide whether to publish an article
D choosing articles for their appeal rather than their scientific value

What does the writer admit may be an ‘odd claim’ in line 45?
A the idea that it was fitting for biologist Ron Vale to argue his case in a preprint
В the assertion that adopting preprints does not require a radical change of behaviour
C the notion that too few scientists are pushing for a rethink of the peer review
D the suggestion that preprints will be readily accepted by the scientific community.

Test 1 Reading and Use of English.
Test 2 Reading and Use of English.
Test 3 Reading and Use of English.
Test 4 Reading and Use of English.
Test 1 Frames for the Speaking test.
Test 2 Frames for the Speaking test.
Test 3 Frames for the Speaking test.
Test 4 Frames for the Speaking test.
Marks and results.
Test 1 Key and transcript.
Test 2 Key and transcript.
Test 3 Key and transcript.
Test 4 Key and transcript.
Sample answer sheets.
Thanks and acknowledgements.
Visual materials for the Speaking test.

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