Cambridge, Vocabulary for IELTS with answers, Cullen P., 2008

Cambridge, Vocabulary for IELTS with answers, Cullen P., 2008.

   Are you preparing for the IELTS test? Do you want to practise all the vocabulary you need to be confident in the test? Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS covers the vocabulary that occurs in the test and provides the following:
error warnings to help you avoid common mistakes regular tests to check your progress
practice exam tasks from the Academic and General Training Reading, Writing and Listening papers
useful tips on how to approach exam tasks techniques for learning and remembering vocabulary a full wordlist for easy reference vocabulary in a listening context.

Cambridge, Vocabulary for IELTS with answers, Cullen P., 2008

Keeping fit.
Improve this essay by replacing the words in italics with ONE OR TWO words from this unit.

In the future we won't have to worry about what we eat. We'll just take a tablet to give us all that our body needs and cooking will become a thing of the past.

In our modern world we often look for quick solutions to our problems. We expect to be able to achieve a great deal with little effort. But I don't believe we can apply this notion to our diet and still remain healthy. Preparing a healthy meal can take a lot of time. First you need to have fresh ingredients. Pre-packaged foods can contain a lot of unhealthy additives and so they are not as good for your body as fresh food. You also need to make sure to include a lot of different foods to make sure that you receive all of the vitamins and minerals that are very, very important to a healthy diet. It is not surprising then that some people want to find a simple solution to this in the form of a pill.

Fast foods are very high in fat, sugar and salt and so we should eat them in small amounts. For some people, however, these foods have become their staple diet and as a result they are fat. If we want to stop this from becoming an even bigger problem in the future then we need to address this situation now. While vitamin tablets may be of some benefit, they are unlikely to be effective in the fight against people getting too fat.

Health authorities need to increase public awareness of these issues, but we also need to be realistic. Fast food is popular not only because it is convenient but also because it is tasty. Perhaps we should strongly advise that people who eat fast food every day should at least swap fast food with fresh food on every second day. Finally, we eat for pleasure as well as nutrition and for this reason I believe that pills will never replace well-cooked food.

Map of the book.
IEITS Test summary.
Unit 1    Growing up.
Unit 2    Mental and physical development.
Unit 3    Keeping fit.
Unit 4    Lifestyles.
Unit 5    Student life.
Test One.
Unit 6    Effective communication.
Unit 7    On the move.
Unit8 Through the ages.
Unit 9    The natural world.
Unit 10    Reaching for the skies.
Test Two.
Unit 11    Design and innovation.
Unit 12    Information technology.
Unit 13    The modern world.
Unit 14    Urbanisation.
Unit 15    The green revolution.
Test Three.
Unit 16    The energy crisis.
Unit 17    Talking business.
Unit 18    The law.
Unit 19    The media.
Unit 20    The arts.
Test Four.
Unit 21 Language building 1.
Unit 22 Language building 2.
Unit 23 Academic Writing Task 1.
Unit 24 Academic Writing Task 2.
Unit 25 General Training Writing Tasks 1 and 2.
Test Five.
Answer key.
Recording scripts.
CD Tracklist.

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