IELTS Trainer 2 Academic, Six Practice Tests, 2019

IELTS Trainer 2 Academic, Six Practice Tests, 2019.

Six IELTS practice tests for perfect exam training, including details of the test format, question types an scoring system, plus step-by-step guidance and tips. Build your confidence by following the step-by-step guidance, tips and strategies in the Training and Exam Practice exercises in the first two practice tests. Then develop your exam technique with the final four tests. Grammar, vocabulary and writing practice exercises show you how to avoid common mistakes. The resources download includes audio for the Listening tests, audioscripts, the answer key with clear explanations and model writing answers.

IELTS Trainer 2 Academic, Six Practice Tests, 2019

Why do people collect things?
People from almost every culture love collecting things. They might collect stamps, books, cards, priceless paintings or worthless ticket stubs to old sports games. Their collection might hang on the walls of a mansion or be stored in a box under the bed. So what is it that drives people to collect? Psychologist Dr Maria Richter argues that urge to collect is a basic human characteristic. According to her, in the very first years of life we form emotional connections with lifeless objects such as soft toys. And these positive relationships are the starting point for our fascination with collecting objects. In fact, the desire to collect may go back further still. Scientists suggest that for some ancient humans living hundreds of thousands of years ago, collecting may have had a serious purpose. Only by collecting sufficient food supplies to last though freezing winters or dry summers could our ancestors stay alive until the weather improved.

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