OPEN DOORS, Workbook 3, Whitney N., 1996

OPEN DOORS, Workbook 3, Whitney N., 1996.

This is a communicative, three-part course for young teenagers with a clear, structural approach and an emphasis on student involvement. Providing coverage of grammar, functional language, vocabulary, and pronunciation, this title also features development of the four language skills. Helping with the problem of mixed-ability classes, it includes six optional projects, which students can work on at their own pace, and contains two optional stories with exercises.

OPEN DOORS, Workbook 3, Whitney N., 1996

Wkf your score means:
10-15 points You are a quiet, shy person. You like being alone and you can't stand big crowds.
16-24 points You are a good person to have as a friend. Your friends like being with you when they are happy and they like talking to you when they are sad.
25-30 points You are a fun person. You love having a good time, going out and meeting new people. You hate sitting at home doing nothing.

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