Olympway, 30 форматов олимпиадных заданий по английскому языку, Гулов А.П., 2018

К сожалению, возможность скачать бесплатно полный вариант книги заблокирована.

Olympway, 30 форматов олимпиадных заданий по английскому языку, Гулов А.П., 2018.

   Учебное пособие предназначено для подготовки к олимпиадам по английскому языку учащихся 9—11 классов, включает в себя материалы по разделам «Лексика» и «Грамматика». Материалы пособия могут быть использованы для подготовки ко всем этапам олимпиад, от школьного до всероссийского; как при индивидуальных занятиях, так и при работе в классе.
Издание адресовано учащимся и учителям средней школы.

Olympway, 30 форматов олимпиадных заданий по английскому языку, Гулов А.П., 2018

Choose the correct answer. (WHO WROTE IT).
“Good-morning to you, Clarissa!” said Hugh, rather extravagantly, for they
had known each other as children. “Where are you off to?”
“I love walking in London,” said Mrs. Dalloway. “Really it’s better than
walking in the country.”
Virginia Woolf
Oscar Wilde
Thomas Hardy
Charlotte Brontë
Charles Dickens.

The Director opened a door. They were in a large bare room, very bright
and sunny; for the whole of the southern wall was a single window. Half a
dozen nurses, trousered and jacketed in the regulation white viscose-linen
uniform, their hair aseptically hidden under white caps, were engaged in
setting out bowls of roses in a long row across the fl oor. Big bowls, packed
tight with blossom. Thousands of petals, ripe-blown and silkily smooth, like
the cheeks of innumerable little cherubs, but of cherubs, in that bright light,
not exclusively pink and Aryan, but also luminously Chinese, also Mexican,
also apoplectic with too much blowing of celestial trumpets, also pale as
death, pale with the posthumous whiteness of marble.
The nurses stiffened to attention as the D.H.C. came in.
Lewis Carroll
Jane Austen
William Thackeray
Mark Twain
Aldous Huxley.

The preface.
Unit I.
Unit II.
Unit III.
Unit IV.
Unit V.
Unit I. Keys.
Unit II. Keys.
Unit III. Keys.
Unit IV. Keys.
Unit V. Keys.

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