Cambridge English, First Trainer 2, 2018

Cambridge English, First Trainer 2, 2018.

This is the 2nd collection of training practice tests for Cambridge English: First. Your perfect exam preparation companion, First Trainer 2 combines exam practice with easy-to-follow expert guidance and tips for exam success.
The first two tests are fully guided with tips and advice on how to tackle each paper.
Additional grammar, vocabulary and writing practice activities help students avoid typical mistakes made by real exam candidates in Cambridge English: First.
Answer key with clear explanations provides sample answers for the Writing paper.
Audio for the listening and speaking test activities is available online for download.

Cambridge English, First Trainer 2, 2018

What does Martin Hart say about using straw in the construction of houses?
A Large amounts of straw are currently wasted every year.
В The straw used is not good enough quality to give to animals.
C Enough straw can be produced to build a high number of houses.

When developing the technology for building straw houses, Martin added bricks to the outside because
A this meant the houses fitted with the surroundings.
В this helped to keep heat inside the houses.
C this made the walls of the houses much straighter.

What objection did Martin receive about the straw houses his team built?
A There were concerns about what would happen in a fire.
В People were worried about the carbon dioxide in the walls.
C The walls would not be able to support the weight of the building.

Anna Peterson decided to build a straw house for the first time because
A she thought they would become very popular.
В she was curious to experiment with new materials.
C she had clients who expressed an interest in straw houses.

When describing her current role in straw house projects, Anna explains that
A she works mainly with the site supervisors.
В she often assists with constructing the roof.
C she personally leads the team of carpenters.

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