Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test

Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test.

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In the UK the house number is given first and is followed by the name of the street. These two items are written on the same line. Next, the name of the city and county are written and are followed by the post code and the country if you are abroad.

Listening Strategies for the IELTS Test

Listen to the following dialogue between an operator and an enquirer. As you listen, write down the name, address and phone number in the spaces below.
Operator: Directory Enquiries. What city please?
Enquirer; 1.   
Operator; Name?
Enquirer; 2.
Operator; Thank you. And could you tell me his address?
Enquirer; 3.
Operator; The number is 4.   

Listen to the news again and answer the following questions.
1. Where did the man break into a factory?  
2. How much money has been stolen?  
3. How did he get away?  _
4. Why is the man dangerous?  
5. What should people do if they see him?  

Student’s Book.
Unit One Letters, Numbers and Numeral Relationships.
Unit Two Form Filling and Table Completion.
Unit Three Description and Location.
Unit Four Answering Questions and Multiple Choice.
Unit Five Note Completion and True/False.
Unit Six Summary.
Unit Seven Practice Tests.
Teacher’s Book.
Answer Key.

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