Your English Exam Support, Подготовка к экзамену по английскому языку, Сергиенко Н.А., 2017

Your English Exam Support, Подготовка к экзамену по английскому языку, Сергиенко Н.А., 2017.

Пособие предназначено для систематизации знаний и подготовки учащихся учреждений общего среднего образования к III этапу обязательного выпускного экзамена по учебному предмету «Иностранный язык». В издании представлено множество тем, отражающих различные сферы общения, объединенных в блоки с опорными вопросами, а также предполагаемыми ответами. Предложенный материал поможет усовершенствовать навыки устной речи, научит выражать свое мнение, согласие или несогласнее собеседником. Адресуется учащимся старших классов для самостоятельной подготовки к выпускному экзамену, учителям английского языка учреждений общего среднего образования.

Your English Exam Support, Подготовка к экзамену no английскому языку, Сергиенко Н.А., 2017

1. Let's talk about family. What role does it play in your life? (What is family for you? Why is family important for you?)
2. Let's talk about family relationships. What can you tell about your family? Do you get on well with your parents?
There is a wise saying "Blood is thicker than water" It means that our friends are unstable while our parents and relatives stay with us all our life. I think friends don't understand us as much as our parents.
In happy, friendly, united families parents are honest with their children without bossing and moralizing them. And children in their turn try to be honest and loving. Members of such families treat one another with understanding and compassion. They always share household chores. Children in such families feel safe at home. They trust their parents, share their secrets and problems, ask parents for useful advice and rely on them.
My family is important for me. We have dose relations; we trust and value one another I resemble my father. My father Sergei is a businessman. He is honest, hardworking and generous. We have much in common, that's why we are best friends.

Обращение к выпускникам.
Социально-бытовая сфера общения.
Appearance and Character. National Character.
Food. National Cuisine.
Healthy way of life. Sport. Keeping fit.
Money. Shopping.
Clothes. Fashion.
Living in the country VS living in a city Types of houses. Houses and flats.
My household chores. Helping about the house. Pinsk.
Учебно-трудовая сфера.
Education. Choosing a career.
Социально-культурная сфера.
Hobbies. Free Time.
Mass Media.
Travelling and Tourism.
Youth and Society. Youth Organizations.
Социально'познавательная сфера.
Belarus. History. Minsk. Political System. Holidays and traditions. Sights.
Famous People.
Great Britain. State system. British Sights. Customs and Traditions. Famous people.
Weather and Climate.
Science and Technology Modern communications.
Useful Words and Phrases.
Использованная литература.

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