ЕГЭ 2018, Английский язык, Тренировочный вариант №15

ЕГЭ 2018, Английский язык, Тренировочный вариант №15.

  The web-based email service that is now commonplace to Gmail fans was launched in 2004 and it quickly began to outrank the services being offered by companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo. The storage capabilities were set at 1 GB — a storage capacity that was unheard of at the time.

ЕГЭ 2018, Английский язык, Тренировочный вариант №15

What is the meaning of the phrase to have a lead in paragraph 1?
1) To move backwards
2) To be ahead
3) To compete
4) To change.

What can be inferred about journalists from paragraph 2?
1) There’re no more journalists, there are only PR practitioners.
2) They ignore press-releases and reports of events.
3) They change the message the businesses want them to
4) They don’t conduct their own proper research but use parts of readymade articles.

Why do the military control the movements of journalists so closely nowadays?
1) They are afraid that the journalists may get killed.
2) They don’t know how to communicate with journalists.
3) They don’t want them to publish certain information.
4) They don’t like the journalists.

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