ЕГЭ 2018, Английский язык, Тренировочный вариант №14

ЕГЭ 2018, Английский язык, Тренировочный вариант №14.

  Goodness knows how many inky embarrassments may lurk in these pages yet, but it is thanks to Dr Wiseman and all of those whom I am about to mention that there aren’t many hundreds more. I cannot begin to thank adequately those who helped me in the preparation of this book. I am especially indebted to the following, who were uniformly generous and kindly and showed the most heroic reserves of patience in answering one simple, endlessly repeated question: ‘I’m sorry, but can you explain that again?

ЕГЭ 2018, Английский язык, Тренировочный вариант №14

Anne looked at Arnold with fresh interest because
1) he was funny and naughty
2) she liked his apple-cheeked face
3) he differed from other pupils
4) he was far away from what he was described.

Miss Lacey and Miss Enderby were
1) good friends
2) colleagues
3) enemies
4) relatives.

Anne didn't want to shout the children down at first because
1) she was afraid of them
2) she shuddered to think that she could hurt them
3) she was taught to be calm with children
4) she was unconfident in her abilities.

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