Английский язык, проверочные работы, 10 класс, тренировочные тесты, Словохотов К.П.

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Английский язык, Проверочные работы, 10 класс, Тренировочные тесты, Словохотов К.П.

Фрагмент из книги:
Your parents and you are going to rent a house by the sea on holidays. You are calling the owner to get some additional information. In 1.5 minutes you are to ask five direct questions to find out about the following:
1) the distance from the sea
2) the price of the accommodation
3) if pets are allowed
4) where you can park the car
5) if there is Internet access in the house
You have 20 seconds to ask each question.

Английский язык, Проверочные работы, 10 класс, Тренировочные тесты, Словохотов К.П.

A scientific project in the Atacama Desert.
The Atacama Desert is a plateau in South America, covering a 1000-km strip of land on the Pacific coast. It is the driest nonpolar desert in the world.

A group of scientists exploring the caves in the desert has recently stumbled upon water, animal bones and presumably some evidence of prehistoric human activity.

The mission of the expedition was to develop a technology which could help scientists to spot caves on Mars. Martian caves are thought to be suitable places to look for life. The scientists studied the thermal signatures of caves in hot arid places like the Atacama Desert here on Earth.

The average rainfall in the region is about 1 mm a year, which means that it is the second driest place on Earth (except the Antarctic).
Nobody had expected to discover water inside the cave, so it became a total surprise.

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