ЕГЭ, английский язык, тренировочные задания, Афанасьева О.В., Эванс В., Копылова В.В., 2010

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ЕГЭ, Английский язык, Тренировочные задания, Афанасьева О.В., Эванс В., Копылова В.В., 2010.

Фрагмент из книги:
Toby cupped his hands nervously around his mug of coffee and scanned the shopping centre concourse hoping to spot him among the crowd of bag-laden shoppers. “He will come, won't he?” he thought to himself, biting his lower lip to relieve the tension. It would be the first major scoop of his career in journalism if the informer did turn up, and a huge embarrassment for Toby if he failed to deliver the front page story he had promised the editor by midnight that night.

ЕГЭ, Английский язык, Тренировочные задания, Афанасьева О.В., Эванс В., Копылова В.В., 2010

The narrator decided to make a career change because
1 his family wanted him to.
2 he no longer looked forward to work.
3 he wanted a job with less responsibility.

When the narrator started his dog walking business, he
1 had no trouble finding clients.
2 found his previous knowledge of business useful.
3 had to advertise more than expected.

The narrator says that he was surprised by
1 how challenging running a business was.
2 how quickly his business became successful.
3 how many other dog walking businesses there were.

The narrator criticises
1 dog owners who insist that he does things a certain way.
2 people who think he charges too much for his services.
3 other dog walkers who don't take their job seriously.

The narrator believes his success is due to his
1 high standards.
2 reasonable prices.
3 good fortune.

When the narrator says he gets most new clients 'by word-of-mouth', he means
1 his employees spend a lot of time telling people about his business.
2 he is good at persuading people to use his services.
3 his current clients recommend him to other dog owners.

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