Cambridge english tests, Movers 7, Answer Booklet, 2011

Cambridge english tests, Movers 7, Answer Booklet, 2011.

   The Cambridge Young Learners English Tests offer an elementary-level testing system (up to CEFR level A2) for learners of English between the ages of 7 and 12. The tests include 3 key levels of assessment: Starters, Movers and Flyers.
Movers is the second level in the system. Test instructions are very simple and consist only of words and structures specified in the syllabus.
The complete test lasts about an hour and has the following components: Listening, Reading and Writing, and Speaking.

Cambridge english tests, Movers 7, Answer Booklet, 2011

Test 3 Answers.
Part 1 (5 marks)
Lines should be drawn between:
1 Vicky and the woman playing the piano
2 Jack and the boy in a tree, with a dolphin on his T-shirt
3 Jane and the girl dancing, with long hair
4 Fred and the boy under the table, playing with the kitten
5 Paul and the boy in the lion’s costume, with a tail

Part 2 (5 marks)
1 pirates
2 Pound (correct spelling)
3 bus
4 home (on the computer) 5 Pat

Part 3 (5 marks)
1 Tuesday - house for baby sheep
2 Monday - sailing
3 Friday - baby sheep in field
4 Thursday - walk by lake
5 Wednesday - read books inside.

Test 1 Answers.
Test 2 Answers.
Test 3 Answers.
Combined Starters and Movers.
Thematic Vocabulary List.

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