Cambridge english tests, Movers 6, Student s book, 2009

Cambridge english tests, Movers 6, Student's book, 2009.

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The beach is Peter’s favourite place. In sunny weather, he likes going there after school with his best friend, Tony, to swim or to climb on the rocks. On cloudy days, they often play football on the sane the^e.
Last Saturday morning, Peter woke up and locked outside. The weather wasn’t good. It was very windy.

Cambridge english tests, Movers 6, Student's book, 2009

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example.
You see this green plant on the ground in some gardens. grass
1 This is like a small town. There are houses and people in it.
2 There are always a let of trees in these.
3 Boats go on this and fish live in it.
4 You see these on most plants and trees.
5 Cars, buses and lorries go on this. It is often grey.
6 You have to cross water to go to this place.

Look and read. Write yes or no.
There is only one cloud in the picture.
Three children are ridinq on the dolphins.
1 The girl in the bigger boat is wearing a scarf.
2 One оf the children has a jacket which is pink
3 On the island there are two mountains with a lake between them.
4 The dog has go: a ball in its mouth.
5 The birds are flying above the rock.
6 'Windy Days’ is :he name of one of the boats.

Test 1.
Reading and Writing.
Test 2.
Reading and Writing.
Test 3.
Reading and Writing.
Speaking Tests.
Test 1.
Test 2.
Test 3.

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