Английский язык, Курс на ЕГЭ, Focus on RNE, Teacher s Book, Evans V., Dooley J., 2017

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Английский язык, Курс на ЕГЭ, Focus on RNE, Teacher's Book, Evans V., Dooley J., 2017.

Фрагмент из книги:
I've chosen photo number one. This photo was taken in February when I was on a school skiing trip to Sochi. The photo shows me and my best friend, Maria. We're both sitting in the snow and smiling at the camera. Behind us you can see lots of snow and some tall trees with snow on the branches. The sky is grey and it is very cold outside. We had been skiing all day and decided to take a quick break to take a photo. Our skis are in the snow next to us and we are wearing warm, colourful clothing and helmets. I am wearing a green jacket and light green trousers. Maria is wearing a pink jacket and blue trousers. We asked another classmate of ours to take the picture, so that we would have something to remember the day by. I decided to show you this photo because it shows what a good time we had on that trip. I will always remember how beautiful the mountains were and how much fun we had.

Английский язык, Курс на ЕГЭ, Focus on RNE, Teacher's Book, Evans V., Dooley J., 2017

Suggested Answer.
Everybody needs friends. They share our good times and bad times and make our lives happy. But when you move to a new school or a new city, it might seem very difficult to make new friends. Still, if you keep a few things in mind, making friends is easy.

First of all, when you feel like you need a friend, smile. Smiling makes us feel happy, and when other people see us smile, it makes them smile, too. So, if you are cheerful and smile, other people will enjoy your company.

Secondly, if you want to make friends, you should try to be outgoing. People who are sociable and talkative meet and get to know more people. As a result, finding people they have things in common with is not difficult for them.

Finally, if you want to make new friends, be generous with your time. For example, if a classmate is having trouble with a school subject, help him or her study. In this way, your classmate will remember your kindness, and be happy to help you in return.

Friends are important and it can be stressful to move to a new place where you don't know anyone. But if you smile, try to be outgoing and generous with your time, you will make new friends easily.

Introduction to the Exam.
Houses & Homes.
Family & Social Life.
Australia: The Land Down Under.
Shops & Services.
Travelling & Tourism.
Wales: Land of castles.
Northern Ireland.
Science & Technology.
The Natural World.
State & Society.
Word Formation/Pharasal Verbs/Prepositions.
Exam Practice.

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