Cambridge English, flyers, authentic examination papers 2, 2018

Cambridge English, flyers, authentic examination papers 2, 2018.

Young Learners rests offer an elementary-level testing system (up to CEFR level A2) for learners of English between the ages of 7 and 12. The tests include three key levels of assessment: Starters, Movers and Flyers.

Flyers is the second level in the system. Test instructions are very simple and consist only of words and structures specified in the syllabus.
The complete test lasts about an hour and has the following components: Listening, Reading and Writing, and Speaking.

Cambridge English, flyers, authentic examination papers 2, 2017

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines.

If your car engine is making a strange noise, call this person!
1 People wear costumes and act on a stage here and you can come and watch.
2 When you go to a restaurant, this person carries your plate of food to you.
3 You answer questions in this and the person with the most correct answers might get a prize!
4 Two people play this game on a board that has black and white squares on it.
5 This brave person learns to fly in a rocket and travel through space.
6 These are drawings or short films that usually make you laugh.
7 Older students come to this place when they have left school. They can study special subjects here.
8 In this sport, you hit a small hard ball into a hole that has a flag next to it.
Я The people that work here might make things out of metal or plastic or wood.
10 You can change these to watch different programmes on your television.


Test 1.
Reading and Writing.
Test 2.
Reading and Writing.
Reading and Writing.
Speaking Tests.
Test 1.
Test 2.
Test 3.

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