Preliminary english test 8, with answers, Brown K., 2014

Preliminary english test 8, with answers, Brown K., 2014.

This 8th collection of examination papers for Cambridge English provides all the exam practice you need. It contains:
four official examination papers that provide authentic exam practice, a helpful overview of the Cambridge English: Preliminary exam to familiarize you with its format, attractive visual material to help you practice for the paired Speaking test, photocopiable answer sheets so you can practice transferring your answers, This 'with answers' edition contains: a clear explanation of marking and grading, illustrated by authentic sample answers, recording scripts and answer keys, frameworks to help you prepare for the Speaking tests.
Audio CDs containing the recorded material for the Listening paper are also included.

Preliminary english test 8, with answers, Brown K., 2014

The Glen Nevis River Race.

Glen Nevis is known as the 'outdoor capital' of Scotland. Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, rises above the area, while the waters of the River Nevis flow through the rocky valley below. The spectacular scenery attracts walkers and climbers all through the seasons, despite the cold weather in winter.

During the summer months, one of the most exciting activities is the annual Glen Nevis River Race, in which competitors’ race for three kilometers along the river, but not in a boat. Instead, each competitor uses a lilo, a plastic bed filled with air normally used for camping or floating in the sea, or another kind of beach toy to race along the river. There are rocks, waterfalls and sections with scary names like Dead Dog Pool and the Leg Breaker for them to get through though there are areas of calmer waters too.
Competitors set off at 30 second intervals by jumping with their lilos from a tiny shelf in a rock into the fast-flowing water 12 meters below. It can take anything from 20 minutes to over two hours to complete the course, depending on the level of the river and the abilities of the competitor.

There is much discussion amongst people who take part regularly about which type of lilo works best for the race. Some prefer short wide ones, while others say that a long narrow one is better. But since you can use anything that floats, all kinds of ~each toys such as bananas, sharks and crocodiles can be seen floating down the river.


A Guide to Cambridge English: Preliminary.
Test 1.
Test 2.
Test 3.
Test 4.
Frames for the Speaking test.
Test 1 Key.
Test 2 Key.
Test 3 Key.
Test 4 Key.
Sample answer sheets.
Visual material for the Speaking test.
Colour section at centre of book.

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