Objective Proficiency, Practice Test with Keys, Sunderland P., 2013

Objective Proficiency, Practice Test with Keys, Sunderland P., 2013.

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You are each given the opportunity to talk for two minutes, to comment after your partner has spoken and to take part in a more general discussion. The interlocutor gives you a card with a question written on it and asks you to talk about it for two minutes. After you have spoken, your partner is fi rst asked to comment and then the interlocutor asks you both another question related to the topic on the card. This procedure is repeated, so that your partner receives a card and speaks for two minutes, you are given an opportunity to comment and a follow-up question is asked.

Objective Proficiency, Practice Test with Keys, Sunderland P., 2013

What does Eddie say to Jenny about being the number one driver in the world?
A She will have to adjust quickly to her new status.
B She needs to recognise that nobody is unbeatable.
C She must convince herself that she is worthy of the title.
D She must keep reminding herself that she can still improve.

What do we learn about a leading journalist’s criticism of Jenny?
A It led Eddie to leap to Jenny’s defence.
B It was widely seen as unnecessarily harsh.
C It didn’t upset Jenny as much as people thought.
D It provided Jenny with the motivation she needed.

When talking about differences between their respective eras, Eddie and Jenny agree that
A there is now less comradeship among drivers.
B drivers are now more prone to self-doubt.
C racing has become substantially safer.
D nowadays drivers tend to go faster.

Paper 1 Reading and Use of English.
Paper 2 Writing.
Paper 3 Listening.
Paper 4 Speaking.
Answer key and recording scripts.
Paper 4 Speaking frames.
Paper 4 Visual materials.

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