The Official Cambrige Guide to IELTS, 2014

The Official Cambrige Guide to IELTS, 2014.
  This book is designed for candidates of any level hoping to take the IELTS test. It is suitable for students working alone or in a classroom situation. The materials can be used for self-study, or can be integrated into an IELTS preparation course. The book is also a valuable resource for teachers who are preparing IELTS candidates.

The Official Cambrige Guide to IELTS, 2014

The survey found that the majority of students drink
A water.
В coffee.
C tea.

What point does the speaker make about skiing?
A A small percentage of the US is suitable for skiing.
В A surprisingly large number of Americans like skiing.
C A relatively small proportion of Americans have tried skiing.

The number of wild elephants in Africa is estimated to be at least
A 53,000.
В 470,000.
C 690,000.

According to the speaker, which two can weigh the same?
A the tongue of a blue whale and an elephant
В an elephant and a blue whale
C a bus and an elephant.

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