ЕГЭ 2016, Английский язык, Тренировочные варианты №1-17

ЕГЭ 2016, Английский язык, Тренировочные варианты №1-17.

  From the first paragraph, we understand that the writer
1) resents receiving such distressing emails from people.
2) is surprised that people should contact him about privacy.
3) finds it hard to cope with the tone of the emails he receives.
4) is resigned to the fact that invasions of privacy are on the increase.

ЕГЭ 2016, Английский язык, Тренировочные варианты №1-17

What view does the writer put forward in the second paragraph?
1) People should be willing to do without certain forms of technology.
2) It is a mistake to criticise people for the way they use technology.
3) It is unrealistic to deny people the benefits that technology can bring.
4) People shouldn't be allowed to use technologies that threaten privacy.

What point does the writer make about CCTV?
1) People no longer question how necessary it is.
2) People feel more secure the more widely it is used.
3) It ought to be a feature of all new building projects.
4) it would be difficult for society to function without it.

The writer feels that some companies
1) do not really give customers a say in issues related to privacy.
2) fail to recognise that their products may invade people's privacy.
3) underestimate the strength of their customers' feelings about privacy.
4) refuse to make compromises with customers concerned about privacy.

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