Тесты по английскому языку, Кошманова И., 2004

Тесты по английскому языку, Кошманова И., 2004.

   Сборник содержит тесты четырех уровней сложности, предназначенные для проверки орфографии, грамматики, лексики и словоупотребления.
Приводимые в сборнике тесты аналогичны предлагаемым на вступительных экзаменах в учебных заведениях. Тесты разнообразны по структуре и снабжены ключами.

Тесты по английскому языку, Кошманова И., 2004

Double the letter where necessary.
1. Are you going to the Shop_ing Centre?
2. Why are you shout_ing at me?
3. I hate two things: eat_ing ice-cream in cold weather and wait_ing for a bus in the rain.
4. Have you got an invitation to their wed_ing?
5. The heat is unbearable. It must be the hot_est day of the year.
6. Not a leaf stir_ing.
7. Is he well? He looks even thin_er than a month ago.
8. The performance was so bor_ing that I prefer_ed to leave it.
9. Please answer all the questions truthful_y.
10. Stop quarrel_ing about nothing!
11. Do you like travel_ing by train?
12. I apologise for forget_ing your birthdayl
13. My grandma often suffer_ed from bad headaches.
14. Can you give me the addres_es of the hostels you know?
16. Stop chatter ing! Come here immediately.

Underline the letters which are pronounced [fl in the following sentences. List the ways you found to spell this sound.
1. If you are an ambitious language learner, you should work hard on pronunciation and dictation.
2. So, after graduation you will be able to do translationand hold conversation taking part in negotiations.
3. He is impatient to go to the exhibition. Its expositions resulted from the exploration of the culture of ancient civilisations.
4. If you are anxious about future generations, please take  part in our conversation project.
5. I don't think I need your-permission to go on an excursion.
6. Flies spread infectious disease. You'd better take measures against them.
7. I'm sure we won't finish our work without financial  support from a social organisation.

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