ЕГЭ 2009, Английский язык, Справочник, Гринченко Н.А., Омельяненко В.И.

ЕГЭ 2009, Английский язык, Справочник, Гринченко Н.А., Омельяненко В.И.
   Справочник адресован выпускникам и абитуриентам для подготовки к единому государственному экзамену по английскому языку. Весь теоретический материал школьного курса сгруппирован в соответствии с кодификатором элементов содержания по английскому языку, на основе которого будут составлены контрольные измерительные материалы ЕГЭ 2009.
Издание будет полезно учителям английского языка, репетиторам и родителям, поможет эффективно организовать подготовку учащихся к единому государственному экзамену.

ЕГЭ 2009, Английский язык, Справочник, Гринченко Н.А., Омельяненко В.И.

My way of life
It is always hard for any person to speak about oneself. My trouble is that I am rather young, so there is not much to speak about. To begin with, my name is Natasha. But actually very few people address me this way. My friends and relatives call me Tasha for short. I was born on the twenty-first of November 1987 to a family of a teacher and a military man. I have a brother, 4 years older than me. I am happy to have an elder brother who is my best friend on the one hand and on the other — a person who is much older than myself, so I can always turn to him with my troubles and for a piece of advice. It is a pity there are only four of us in the family. I like big friendly families but nowadays there is a tendency to have just one child or no children at all.

To come back to my own self, I go to school but soon I'll leave it and have to make a choice of my profession. I don't know for sure yet what it is going to be, but I am dead sure that my choice will be made according to my inclinations. I am keen on reading in general and on reading science fiction in particular. I am mad about English. Everybody says that I am good in communication; I am easy to get on with. This makes me think that my profession may have something to do with people. I like to meet different people, but especially creative and interesting ones. I hope that in future I'll be lucky to meet good, kind, clever people in my life.

Unit 1. Speaking
(A) Family Life
1.1. Dialogue 7
1.2. Monologue 9
(Б) Housing
1.1. Dialogue 15
1.2. Monologue 17
(B) Interpersonal Communication (in family, between friends and acquaintances)
1.1. Dialogue 25
1.2. Monologue 29
(Г) Health and Healthcare
1.1. Dialogue 34
1.2. Monologue . 37
(Д) Problems of Youth
1.1. Dialogue . 43
1.2. Monologue 44
(Б) Youth and Pastime
1.1. Dialogue 50
1.2. Monologue 51
(Ж) English-speaking Countries (geographical position, natural resources, places of interest)
1.1. Dialogues 58
1.2. Monologues 59
(3) Tourism and Ecotourism
1.1. Dialogue 81
1.2. Monologue 85
(И) Environmental protection and science
1.1. Dialogue 95
1.2. Monologue 98
(К) Sport in the modern world
1.2. Dialogue 104
1.2. Monologue 107
(Л) Contribution of Russia and English speaking countries in science and culture development
1.1. Dialogue 121
1.2. Monologue 123
(M-O) The World of Professions
1.1. Dialogue 138
1.2. Monologue 142
(H-O) Education
1. 1. Dialogue 149
1.2. Monologue 150
(П) The World of Languages
1.1. Dialogue 166
1.2. Monologue 167
(P) Peculiarities of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication in the Process of Interpersonal and intercultural Communication
1.1. Dialogue 177
1.2. Monologue 178
(C) Philology as a Sphere of Professional Activity
1.1. Dialogue 182
1.2. Monologue 183
(T) Mass Media and New Informational Technologies
1.1. Dialogue 190
1.2. Monologue 194
(V) Holidays
1.1. Dialogue 200
1.2. Monologue 204
Unit 2. Reading
2.1. Skimming 221
2.2. Reading for Details 233
2.3. Scanning 250
2.4. Understanding the Structural Links Of the Text 255
Unit 3. Listening
3.1. Skim Listening 264
3.2. Selective Listening 267
3.3. Listening for Detailed Comprehension 272
Unit 4. Writing
4.1. Curriculum Vitae / Resume 288
4.2. Filling in the Forms 290
4.3. Writing a Private Letter 291
4.4. Writing an Official / Business Letter 293
4.5. Writing a Summary 305
4.6. Describing the Events. Expressing your Opinion 306
Unit 5. Grammar
5.1. Syntax 309
5.1.1. Communicative types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, negative, imperative and word order in them 309
5.1.2. Impersonal sentences.There is /are 319
5.1.3. Compound sentences with conjunctions and, but. Complex sentences with conjunctions because, if, when, that, that is why 324
5.1.4. Sequence of tenses and indirect speech 328
5.1.5. Sentences with conjunctions neither ... nor, either ... or 331
5.2. Morphology 334
5.2.1. The Noun. Plural form of nouns.Using of the articles 334
5.2.2. Personal, possessive, interrogative, demonstrative pronouns. Indefinite pronouns some, any, no, every and their derivatives 356
5.2.3. Positive, comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives. Comparative and superlative degrees of adverbs 372
5.2.4. Cardinal and ordinal numerals 382
5.2.5. Prepositions of place, direction and time 388
5.2.6. Auxiliary and link verbs. Forming and using verbs in the Present, Past, Future Simple (Indefinite) in the Active and Passive voices. Present, Past Progressive (Continuous) and Present, Past Perfect in the Active voice; Present Simple (Indefinite) in 395
5.2.7. Identifying the non-finite forms of the verb: the infinitive, the gerund, the participle I and the participle II 421
5.2.8. Phrasal verbs 440
5.2.9. Modal verbs (can/could, may/might, must, should, have to, need) and their equivalents 443
5.3. Lexicology 456
5.3.1. Affixes as element of word-building: un-, in-, im-, re-, die-, mis-, -er, -or, -tion (-sion), -ing, -ness, -ment, -1st, -ism, -y, -ic, -less, -able (4ble), -ful, -ive, -al, -ous, -(i)ty, -ly and others 456
5.3.2. Polisemy. Synonyms. Antonyms 462
5.3.3. Lexical and grammatical combinability 468
Supplementary part 473.   

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