Проверь свой английский, Test your English, Keys, Павлоцкий В.М., 2001

Проверь свой английский, Test your English, Ответы, Павлоцкий В.М., 2001.
   Пособие предназначено для тренировки контроля качества знаний по современному английскому языку. Методика и уровень контроля соответствуют современным требованиям. предъявляемым к изучающим язык на уровнях intermediate и Upper-Intermediate. Включает в себя тесты по грамматике, на использование фразовых глаголов, комплексные тесты на использование языка, тесты на знание тематического словаря и задания по чтению. Все задания снабжены ключами. Предназначено для выпускников гимназий и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, а также студентов ВУЗов.

Проверь свой английский, Test your English, Павлоцкий В.М., 2001

1. She asked him why he had made her go out that night.
2. I asked Jim where he had been the previous month.
3. She asks me if I think it is right.
4. The writer asked the editor if the book would have been published by spring.
5. He asks Liz what she is doing there.
6. She asked me if those articles were still being printed.
7. He asked her why she did not spend a few days with Alice.
8. Sheila asked Kate if they had got married.
9. Lucy asked Jo why the doctor hadn't been sent for. 10. He asked Bert when all that had been decided.

1. The teacher asked Peter not to be late.
2. The guard ordered to turn back.
3. George asked Betty not to speak over the phone when he was listening to music.
4. The guide asked to mind the step.
5. Mother asked children not to eat so many cakes.
6. Peter asked Ann to wait for him.
7. The teacher asked Jim not to forget to take his textbook.
8. Mum asked Kate to remember to post the letter.
9. Sue asked not to leave the door open. 10. The officer ordered to open the fire.

Oт составителя
Simple Present, Present Continuous
Simple Past and Present Perfect
Past tenses
Future forms
Review of tenses
Passive Voice
Direct and Indirect Speech
Conditionals, Wishes
Modal Verbs
Infinitive or -ing form
Nouns, adjectives, adverbs
to bring
to carry
to come
to do
to fall
to get
to give
to go
to keep
to look
to make
to put
to run
to set
to take
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6
Test 7
Test 8
Test 9
Test 10
House and Home
Painting. Music
Mass media
Text 1
Text 2
Text 3
Text 4
Text 5
Text 6
Text 7
Text 8
Phrasal Verbs
Use of English

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